Services & pricing

Cuts & Styling

Shampoo, cut, blowdry(women) from $38.00
Shampoo, cut, style (men) from $28.00
Beard, mustache from $10.00
Children's cut, blow-dry from $15.00
Shampoo, blow-dry from $25.00
Event/formal styling/up- do from $65.00


All over  color from $70.00

Foiling partial

Foiling full

Balayage, ombre(consultation needed)



from $45.00

from  $100

from $100 



Brazilian Blowout

Keratin smoothing treatment

Split End Repairing Treatment 

or as add-on to any service(color or haircut)


OLAPLEX-as a stand alone treatment


from $125

from $160







Permanent wave from $60.00
Spiral perm from $100.00


Eyebrow from $10.00
Lip from $10.00
Chin from $15.00


Our theory about pricing  colour services .

Balayage/ ombre /color melt...!
The ombré color trend is still going strong in salons worldwide, and people bring to show beautiful pictures of models from Guy Tang videos( that takes somewhere from 5 to 6-7-8 hours of transformations and color corrections )and ask-how much do you charge for this ?
So, how do we price a lucrative service like ombré?
The ombré falls in into many different styles, and it all depends on what kind color the client comes in with initially. We categorize ombré into separate services. First: ombré, a smooth transition from dark to light created with balayage painting or some foil placement. Second, there’s sombré, a softer version of the ombré that involves toning or glaze.. And there is also a ‘melted color/ ombré.’ Most clients do not have virgin hair. In this case, it could possibly be charged as a color correction. If there is root color involved, then there is a separate price . Hair length and density come into play (more hair, more product, more time involved) when we discuss price as well. . Cut and style are additional because sometimes we have to do the cut first and then color into cut. Sometimes it takes a few appointments to achieve the desired look.

If someone comes in with fine, thin,  shorter hair and it takes less time and chemicals  for color, cut and style, we charge differently than someone that takes 2-3-4 hours. It doesn’t matter what the service is—balayage or root retouch.
So, our ombré/balayage is priced upon consultation. Price is determined by technique needed for transition, number of formulas needed to achieve desired result and hair length and density.

There is a good article in Modern Salon magazine from Guy Tang about pricing color services…/guy-tang-shares-his-pricing-st…